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This brief overview will show you some of the capabilities of FairwayPDA .

Once we have a surveyed course to work with, we’re ready to start using FairwayPDA. We will Launch the FairwayPDA program from the START menu (or the PROGRAMS Folder) and see the following screen:

Since this is the first time using FairwayPDA, we will click on the “Start a New Round” button and be presented with :

There are 4 simple steps to get started and as you can see we can only select option 1 and that is to ‘Select a Course’.
In this case, we only have one course to choose from so we’ll just click the ‘Select’ button. The course data will be read and we can then choose the players that will be part of this round. We’ll select option 2 “Enter Player Names” from the Setup round screen and will be presented with :

We’ll add a few players to our Player List using the “Add Player” button and then choose each name from the drop down list and which Tee each player is hitting from. FairwayPDA will perform shot tracking for up to two players so we’ll check ‘Track Shots’ for the first two players. FairwayPDA recommends a Scorecard name but you can call it anything you’d like.
We click the OK button and return to the Setup Round screen:
Step 3 allows us to use FairwayPDA to just keep score or as a Yardage Measurement system. If for some reason we didn’t have a GPS receiver, we would select ‘Scorecard Only’.

That’s it, Step 4 is to ‘Start the Round’ and we’re presented with the FairwayPDA Main screen:

From here, we can check Hole notes, Mark our Ball (for Shot Tracking), and of course enter scores. As you can see, FairwayPDA has recorded when the round has started and will record when it has finished. The distance to the center of the green is critical and is constantly updated in the upper right corner. Let’s enter some scores for the first hole.
From Update Scorecard screen, we can check the Sorecard Summary as well as the Scorecard Analysis. This is what a scorecard summary would like after playing 18 holes:
and here is a scorecard analysis:
When there are less than 4 players, the percentages are also displayed.

Regarding shot tracking, it’s quite simple. We just click on the ‘Mark Ball’ button on the Main Screen and we see the following


From here, we mark the location of the ball (Tee, Fairway, or Green), and the club used. FairwayPDA calculates how far we hit the last shot and indicates the distance to the center of the green. We also indicate the location of the drive and approach shots, number of penalty strokes, sand saves, up and down, green in regulation, and chip ins.

Pressing the analysis button gives us our longest drive, the minimum, maximum, and average distance for each club we used throughout the round.

The total strokes and number of putts are automatically recorded on the scorecard. Once again, we click on the OK button to return to the Main screen.

  When we complete the round, we can save the scorecard as an html file for viewing within a browser (or uploading to a web site), or just save it as a plain text file. Previous rounds can be reviewed or modified as well as copied to the FPDAdmin desktop software for further analysis and printing

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